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The internet is spreading, fast. It’s found in nearly every home and every business, all over the world, and many users, from individual people to the world’s biggest companies, are seeing the benefit of having an online presence. An online presence requires hosting, however, and in that endeavor, you’ve got a few choices to make. A big one is whether to use onshore hosting (hosting in the same country that you are based in) or offshore hosting (hosting outside of the country you are based in). Each has their merits, but here we’re going to talk about offshore hosting and the advantages it can have over the alternatives.

The Benefits of External Hosting

There are advantages to using offshore hosting for individuals as well as businesses – even large businesses, in fact – and many of these go along with the advantages of any kind of external hosting service, the main benefit being that you’ll only pay for what you use. Not having to have a dedicated department with dedicated staff to man an in-house server is immensely helpful, especially to a small business or one that’s only just starting up, but even then, servers will be sitting idle, especially outside of working hours. If you’re only running your own website, the cost can be even greater, where even using a personal computer as a server is likely to be far, far too much.

Taking Your Hosting Offshore

However, there are some particular boons that only offshore hosting specifically can provide. The most important one of these is the anonymity offered by offshore hosting services in places such as Asia or Central America, where the restrictions enforced by the countries’ governments are much lower. Many offshore providers do not ask for any personal information beyond that which is required for them to receive payment from you, and some will even allow you to sign up to their service as an anonymous customer if that’s what you – or your clients – need. You’re then free to upload whatever you’d like to their servers, provided that you’re not violating their usage policy when you do it.

Overall, offshore hosting is an excellent way to save money, especially for individuals and small businesses, but by far the greatest benefit is the privacy and security offered by offshore providers. Even large businesses may benefit from such anonymity, but be sure to check a provider’s usage policy first.

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